Commission Art


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I have opened my commissions to a workload that I am comfortable with, of 10 pieces - 11 x 17 size Rendered in full color on Bristol paper.

I ask that you keep the ideas to comic book, video game, sci-fi characters, Japanese folklore, neo traditional imagery, or anything that I can execute with my illustrative style. Try to not mash stuff up too weird.

Upon ordering: Send an email detailing what you would like to - with a copy of the order number provided on check out. I will respond within 24 hours, confirming that the order is in and approved.

I ask that you stray away from me doing portraits of loved ones, or pets. As that is not my forte. I want to have fun with these, and I want to make sure that you get the best that I can do. The price includes shipping, and this is available only to recipients in the United States.

The turnaround time is two-three weeks. In some cases it can take longer due to the pandemic. But I do get these done.

Thank you very much.