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I have opened my commissions to a workload that I am comfortable with, of 5 pieces - 11 x 17 size Rendered in full color on Bristol paper.

I ask that you keep the ideas to tattoo type stuff, comic book, video game, sci-fi characters, Japanese folklore, neo traditional imagery, or anything that I can execute with my illustrative style. Try to not mash stuff up too weird.

Upon ordering: Send an email detailing what you would like to davetattoos@gmail.com - with a copy of the order number provided on check out. I will respond within 24 hours, confirming that the order is in and approved.

Do not ask for direct portraits, or portraits of loved ones, or pets. As that is not my forte. I want to have fun with these, and I want to make sure that you get the best that I can do. I am not a portrait or caricature artist so nailing likeness is limited to my style.

The price includes shipping, and this is available only to recipients in the United States.

I can get these delievered by Christmas, the cut-off for orders is December 13.

Thank you very much.

Image of 10x10 Skull/Rose Canvas Commissions
10x10 Skull/Rose Canvas Commissions
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