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Comission Art!

$200.00 / Sold Out

UPDATE - this is for the August Run. This run will be completed at the end of August and sent out in September!

I have decided to make ten pieces available monthly for commission-based art to recipients worldwide. These are for 12"x16" (that is twelve inches by 16 inch pieces) done on Hot Press watercolor paper. This will be done in my popular art marker and mixed-media based style of illustration.

This item is a deposit placeholder, that will be inventoried - and will log each project as a sale. The deposit will be $200 - and it goes toward the final cost of the piece - which will be $400 in total. The final payment of $200 is to be made upon project completion, and YOU will also cover the costs of shipping to your destination (keep in mind the costs to ship overseas can vary and be rather expensive). Other arrangements to pick up your piece in person can be made as well. If the unfortunate case arise where you cannot complete the transaction - the deposit is non-refundable.

Project turnaround time will be 30 days. You will receive a sketch of the initial thumbnail/line-work sent via email, prior to me making any heavy moves on the final piece.

THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: I enjoy Japanese folklore, all types of science fiction and comic book related stuff. There are no limitations really, except that I will not do illustrations of people's personal pets or family members of any sort. Please give me as much artistic freedom as you can - this will ensure that my heart stays dedicated to each piece, providing you with the best illustration I can make.

To submit your request - make a purchase on this "Item" then send an email with the subject line "COMMISSION ART!" to davetattoos@gmail.com - be sure to include your order information and a PHONE NUMBER - to contact you with updates on your piece.

I make high-resolution scans of all of my work before I mail you the original piece. I retain the right to use the documents in whichever fashion I prefer after that. I may decide to print them in a book, or use in my portfolio or other promotional materials. Please understand that as well.

By purchasing/depositing today - you acknowledge these details, and are entering an agreement with me, with these things taken into complete consideration.

Thank you for the support and I can't wait to come up with your new piece!